Where’s my computer — and my phone, and my chair?


Sylvia Cabana, Hempstead’s new town clerk, spent part of her first day on the job performing a few wedding ceremonies, one of the perks of a position that includes issuing birth, death and burial certificates.

But that was after Cabana’s office reached out to the new town supervisor — and fellow Democrat — for help in furnishing the office.

This wasn’t a case of Cabana having to decide what style of desk, type of telephone or kind of computer and chair she wanted to use.

Instead, it was Cabana seeking help in locating any sort of desk, telephone, computer, chair or other equipment. To the surprise of Cabana’s staff, all that, and more, had been carted out of the office.

Also, at least one town car issued to the clerk’s office — and, for now, let’s ignore the question of why the town’s chief record keeper needs a town-issued car in the first place — couldn’t be located either.


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