Oyster Bay Town Facebook page blocks critics, residents say


The Town of Oyster Bay has blocked four people, including two former town board candidates, from posting on Supervisor Joseph Saladino’s Facebook page for allegedly violating its code of conduct.

Town spokesman Brian Nevin said in an email that Saladino’s page — which serves as the town’s official page — has a policy of removing content that is “obscene, offensive or otherwise inappropriate” or “dramatically off-topic, overly-argumentative with other posters” or contains spam or repeated commentary. Nevin said the banned individuals, whom town officials did not identify, were repeat violators.

Eva Pearson, 46, a former Democratic candidate for the Oyster Bay Town Board, said she was banned after making a single comment on Republican Saladino’s Facebook page last month questioning whether it was ethical for him to post a comment about his favorite burger joint, which had also been a campaign contributor.

“I only posted one comment and it was immediately deleted,” Pearson said.


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