Oyster Bay reappoints one to town ethics board; two seats remain unfilled


The Oyster Bay Town Board has reappointed an ethics board member but the five-member panel remains at less than its full complement with three members serving.

Margaret Eaton,  a former commercial aviation manager, was reappointed to the board for a five-year term on Jan. 29.

Eaton was among the five appointed to a reconstituted board in 2017. A series of resignations left the board with just two members — not enough for a quorum — in the early months of  2018. A third member was appointed in May and the ethics board resumed meeting, but the town board has not appointed additional members. Last year the ethics board failed to meet at least once every three months as required under the town code.

The ethics code, which was adopted in 2016, states the board can have no more than two members registered to the same political party. The ethics board has not included a Democrat for more than a year. Voter records show it currently has two Republicans and one member who does not belong to a political party.

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