Oyster Bay approves $734,449 in raises for 87 workers


The Oyster Bay Town Board approved raises for 87 employees totaling $734,449 under a personnel resolution that did not show the pay increases to the public.

The only mentions of raises at the Jan. 9 meeting were as part of an initiative to bring pay equity for women employees. The majority of the raises — 54 of them — were given to men, while 33 were given to women. Town officials provided a list of raises on Thursday after Newsday submitted a written request under the New York State Open Meetings Law.

The average raise for men was $8,620 and $8,150 for women.

The biggest raise was given to Deputy Town Supervisor Gregory Carman Jr., who was appointed to his position on Feb. 7. His annual salary increased to $167,500 from $134,750, a 24 percent jump that puts his pay above that for Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino, whose salary is set at $140,000 in the town code.

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