The way forward in Nassau County


In 2001, Tom Suozzi swept into office as Nassau County executive, replacing Thomas Gulotta and the Republicans who had ruled for decades. Democrats replaced Republicans in the hundreds of “exempt” decision-making positions leaving Republicans out in the cold. Changes had to be made, and Suozzi needed to take the levers of power to make things happen. In 2009, Suozzi was swept from office by Edward Mangano and the Republicans. More than a 100 Democratic jobs were lost.

Last week, Democrats were swept back to power. The cardboard packing boxes will, no doubt, return to the county office buildings.

So, what have we learned? What can we do better?

The election of Laura Curran, the first female county executive in Nassau County history, along with the win by Laura Gillen as Hempstead supervisor, offers us a great opportunity to do things differently.

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