Stop politicizing Nassau County’s reassessment


Nassau County Executive Laura Curran’s move to build an accurate, defensible property tax roll is becoming badly politicized, and the squabble over the details of a 60-day extension to grieve new assessments certainly drives home the point.

Amid the ruckus, Republican Richard Nicolello, the county legislature’s presiding officer, proposed legislation to extend the deadline for appealing assessments from March 1 to April 30. Curran, a Democrat, responded by saying the legislation might not be legal. Then she announced that the county Assessment Review Commission would move the deadline to April 30, a grace period it also adopted in past years.

Yet Nicolello and other legislators won’t stop pushing for unneeded legislation to achieve something that’s already going to happen. And Curran is fighting back hard against legislation that would only codify what she’s already agreed to do. It’s a pointless and frustrating battle.


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