Readers Write: Curran represents honest gov, Martins the same old thing

The Island Now

Okay Nassau County, Election Day is Nov. 7, and it’s our chance to finally rid ourselves of the corrupt Mangano administration.

Though he was arrested and charged with numerous federal indictments (some of which include conspiracy to commit federal bribery, fraud, extortion, and honest services wire fraud), he refused to resign, subjecting Nassau residents to put up with what can only be described as a corruption tax.

 This Election Day, though there will be two options on the ballot, there is only one clear choice for reform, Laura Curran.

Laura Curran’s resume is quite impressive. Currently serving as a county legislator (and mom), Laura was also a school board trustee, a reporter, and a yoga teacher. She is smart, even keeled, and ethical. Quite simply, I trust her.

 Laura’s opponent, however, has quite a different track record.

Jack Martins is a regular part of traditional pay-to-play politics in New York. In 2016, Martins became known as a “Skelos apologist” after refusing to call for Skelos to step down from his position as Senate Majority Leader.

He’s also been a strong, outspoken supporter of Mangano, and he’s been vociferously on the forefront of Trump-like xenophobic rhetoric.

If you look further back into his record, as my representative in the New York State Senate, he’s known for voting against marriage equality, refusing to codify Roe v. Wade, and accepting substantial donations from the charter school movement.

 As a former High School English Teacher turned Social Worker, I am desperate to put someone in our County Seat who believes in public education and human rights, and is deserving of the public trust.

Please join me in electing Laura Curran. I would truly be proud to call her my county executive.


Renée Haber