Laura Curran proposes $55 million in savings, new revenues


Nassau County Executive Laura Curran on Thursday submitted a revised budget with $54.7 million in spending reductions and revenue hikes after the county’s financial control board imposed nearly $18 million in budget cuts.

The plan also would allow the county to boost spending for county Youth Board, NICE bus and the Department of Assessment, Curran said.

In December, the Nassau Interim Finance Authority approved the county’s budget but ordered cuts for the first time in its 17-year history.

In other years, NIFA had requested spending cuts or revenue hikes, but left the role of cutting costs to the administration or legislators. Those cuts took effect Jan. 1, when Curran took office.

Nassau was required to submit a plan to NIFA by Thursday showing how it would manage under the revised budget. Curran said in an interview that the county delivered a “balanced budget with a realistic outlook for the future. Instead of running around trying to plug holes, we found money first . . . and then selected our priorities for spending.”

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