Laura Curran for Nassau County executive


Laura Curran is the best person to address Nassau County’s struggles head on, and the only county executive candidate willing to try.

Nassau County deserves a competent, honest government. That requires a leader who listens to the people, is not beholden to special interests and can articulate a clear plan to address Nassau’s ills. On the most important issues, Curran makes the case that she is that person more convincingly than her opponent, Jack Martins. Curran demonstrates less fealty to the political powers-that-be, more willingness to hear the public and do its will, and an unusual humility.

Curran, 49, lives in Baldwin. A Democrat, she’s in her second term on the county legislature and before that served on the Baldwin school board. Her plans are tough and clear-eyed, a fact that shines through with her take on the county’s largest problem: the corruption that has destroyed the public trust.

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