Laura Curran bars appointees from party leadership jobs


Nassau County Executive Laura Curran fulfilled a key election-year promise Wednesday, signing an executive order barring her appointees from holding leadership positions in political parties or donating to her campaign.

Curran, a Baldwin Democrat who took office Jan. 1, appears to be the first county executive in New York State history to sign such a measure, although the practice is common among local district attorneys.

“Today I begin to root out corruption that has tainted local government,” Curran said at a ceremony in Mineola. “One of my top priorities is to take the politics out of our government. This is a major step forward toward full transparency in Nassau County government and enacting true campaign finance reform on the local level.”

The order prohibits any member of Curran’s top staff, including department heads, commissioners and deputies, from holding a position of authority in a political party or committee or from contributing to Curran’s campaign committee.


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