Laura Curran’s positions on key issues in the Nassau County executive race


The editorial board asked Laura Curran, the Democratic candidate for Nassau County executive, to respond to the following questions about key issues.

What are your specific solutions for immediately increasing revenue and decreasing expenses to balance the county budget?

I will be appointing strong leaders who can manage their departments, and will engage them in analyzing every expense line in their budgets — examining every program, evaluating its need, effectiveness, and cost, and putting forth realistic proposals for effective change. The goal: “Re-Building the Budget” in line with economic reality. In part, that means recognizing that today’s world allows us to do things in smarter, more efficient ways.

What does that mean immediately? Is the size and makeup of our Civil Service Department still viable, given that hiring is a fraction of what it was years ago? Do we still need messengers in the age of email? Why are we still issuing paper checks when direct-deposit alone can save us close to $1.3 million? Is every outside contract necessary, particularly in the area of legal services? At the same time, we’ll also begin working on longer-term solutions.


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