Jack Schnirman for Nassau County comptroller


Perhaps the job of Nassau County comptroller has never been more important.

Ethics, contract procurement reform and budgetary woes are sure to stay center stage as the new county executive takes office. The official who wears the hat of fiscal monitor, auditor and payroll administrator might also be the master of ceremonies — standing to the side, making sure everything runs well, highlighting each character and scene, essentially guiding the taxpayer through the action onstage and behind the scenes. He must also call attention to parts we might otherwise miss.

It’s a role Comptroller George Maragos hasn’t played very well. There was a lot of drama in county government in the past eight years, but Maragos played it for the laughs. Vying for the role are Long Beach City Manager Jack E. Schnirman and former county chief compliance officer and State Assembly member Steven L. Labriola.

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