Hempstead replaces more than 100 signs that listed officials


Hempstead Town Supervisor Laura Gillen said the town has replaced all park signs bearing elected officials’ names to reduce self-promotion and save money during election turnover.

Hempstead Town officials spent $4,600 to replace 107 signs from parks and facilities featuring the names of town board members and former Supervisor Anthony Santino, with generic signs that read, “Welcome to your Town of Hempstead.”

Gillen said during a news conference Thursday at Newbridge Dog Park in Bellmore that the one-time expense would save $3,000 every time signs needed to be updated with primer and paint for a change in elected office. Gillen was sworn in Jan. 1, ending Santino’s two-year term. The town previously listed Santino’s name on town signs and materials. The signs were updated in 2016 after former Supervisor Kate Murray’s name adorned town signs for more than a decade in office.

Gillen said her administration has removed Santino’s name from such items as public parking signs, suntan lotion dispensers, bike storage units, and bumper stickers promoting the town’s helpline.


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