Hempstead proposes restriction on seeking office


Hempstead Supervisor Laura Gillen has proposed new legislation blocking town board appointees from running for elected office.

Gillen’s proposal, which will go before the town board for a vote Tuesday, would require that anyone appointed to fill a vacancy in an elected town office make a commitment that they will not later seek election to the seat.

"When such an appointment is made, the appointee inherits the benefits of the office, as well as the power of apparent incumbency, which gives an inequitable advantage over any other prospective candidate," the resolution reads. "It is fundamental to a representative democracy that the people within the district (or town-wide) vote to elect its representative, without the Town Board having tipped the scale."

The five Republicans on the town board were initially appointed to their seats and later elected. Gillen and Senior Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby, both Democrats, were first elected to their seats.


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