George Maragos is abusing office to run for county executive


The duties of the Nassau County comptroller don’t include conducting opinion polls and wooing minority communities in the hope of winning a Democratic primary for county executive.

The responsibilities include, according to the county website:

  • Monitoring Nassau’s budget and financial operations.
  • Auditing government agencies and agencies with county contracts to uncover waste and abuse.
  • Reviewing county contracts and claims.
  • Reporting on matters that significantly affect Nassau’s financial health and operations.
  • Working with the administration and legislature to help the county overcome fiscal challenges.
  • Preparing Nassau’s comprehensive annual financial report.
  • Administering the county payroll and employee health benefits.

So, why did Maragos use interns to conduct a tiny poll of Long Island Rail Road riders after his threat to audit the LIRR fell flat? Why is he threatening to withhold $28 million even he says the county legally owes the LIRR?


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