Ned Newhouse

Council - Town of Oyster Bay

Ned Newhouse is a 59-year-old businessman from Woodbury New York. He grew up in Massapequa and attended Birch Lane school in Bar Harbor. He’s had homes in Syosset and Woodbury where he is raising his family for the last 15 years.

Hailing from a family with a long tradition of hard work, integrity and honor, Ned Newhouse has been involved with speaking out about issues that face the people of the Town of Oyster Bay and Nassau for years.

“I got involved in government because the people’s interests were not being represented. It was sickening that our taxes kept rising when inflation was flat, the roads became a horror, all the while, corruption, waste and fraud prevailed. I had a choice, I could sit around and complain, or I could do something about it. I’m running to utilize my business turnaround and negotiating experience for the benefit of the 300,000 residents of The Town of Oyster Bay. Its high time that someone stand up and say NO to political favors, $800+ an hour outside law firms, contracts for pals and treating people like the enemy. I’m here for one reason only: serve the people with dignity and respect to make us a great place to live and bring a business to!

Ned is a self-made business man with a BS Degree in Printing and Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1984. While he started work for his family, he left the family business 25 years ago, to blaze his own trail as an entrepreneur, working in startups in the technology publishing startup arena. He became the Assoc Publisher of Mobile Office Magazine in the early days of Cellular and then co founded one of the first companies in the Digital Advertising, 24/7Media. He was its first VP Sales, hiring and leading a 50-person sales force from dollar 1, generating over $60 Million Dollars in profitable revenue. Four years later he became the Chief Revenue Officer of in one of most successful turnarounds. Bankrate was a 25-year-old company that had never made money in its history and was an 83-cent penny stock. Four years later Ned helped lead one of the greatest business turnarounds, as Bankrate became a $50+ stock at a 28% profit. He knows how to say no to bad ideas, negotiate like its his own money and tell the truth. After several other C level positions in private practice, he returned to his family business Conde Nast 8 years ago, where he works as an Executive Director.

You’ll find me always eager to learn more, really listen to people so I can make decision based on your needs, not my own. I want to bring integrity back to The Town of Oyster Bay. We must have a plan that is shared with the public to get a long-term road repair and repaving plan, stop pet million-dollar projects, protect our wonderful and prize-winning shorelines, enhance our safety, our schools, reduce our expenses and rid ourselves of out of control debt! Like me, you made a choice to raise a family here after you were probably raised here too. We must leave something wonderful for our children and their families! What do you have now? $650 Million in debt or $7,000 for every family! That is a horror show.

I am here to serve YOU! It's what we all should expect from government. I hope that you will support me in this quest of good.

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