Jeffrey Saxon

Nassau County Legislature
District: 4

Jeffrey Saxon is running for Nassau County Legislature to improve the community for his neighbors, friends, and young family. He is not a politician, but a dedicated member of the community who decided to get involved after feeling fed up with the corruption of our elected officials, wasteful spending, and their failure to address the important issues facing our community.  While we have come back strong after Superstorm Sandy, much work remains to be done to  revitalize our community, infrastructure, and fiscal health.  Jeff’s motivation and priority will be to fight for lower property taxes, while ensuring that our hard earned tax dollars are put towards projects that improve our daily lives, such as road repair, drinking water safety, and the protection of our public health and environment.

Jeff was born and raised in Nassau County, and is a longtime Long Beach resident.  After attending Binghamton University, he returned to Nassau to earn his law degree at Hofstra Law School.  During that time Jeff discovered all the beauty and unique communal qualities Long Beach and the south shore have to offer.  Jeff and his wife Nada are now raising their 3-year-old daughter and 6-month old son in this wonderful community.

After graduating from Law School, Jeff worked as a litigator for several years.  While he enjoyed the work he did, he always dreamed of a career in public service.  Having been the victim of a crime during his time in Binghamton and interning at the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office, Jeff aspired to dedicate his career to supporting and improving his community.  He took a new position as Assistant General Counsel at the New York City Department of Correction.  During his tenure, Jeff has played a significant role in the reform efforts of this large government agency.  Jeff is also a member of the Civil Service Bar Association, affiliated with the Local 237 International Brotherhood of Teamsters.  His experiences will be uniquely beneficial to help support and improve Nassau County.

Jeff will fight for responsible spending, demand the accountability and transparency Nassau County desperately needs, advocate for necessary infrastructure improvements, and will work with all levels of government to ensure that the Residents of Legislative District 4 are never neglected.  Choosing to raise his family here on the South Shore, Jeff pledges to protect our natural resources, beaches, wetlands, parks, and open public spaces.

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