Hon. Carrié Solages

Member of Nassau County Legislature
District: 03 Office Address:
1550 Franklin Ave, Mineola, NY 11501
Office Phone:
516 -571-6203

Legislator Carrié Solages (D-Elmont) is currently serving his second term in the Nassau County Legislature, representing the 3rd Legislative District. The 3rd Legislative District is comprised of Elmont, Valley Stream, South Floral Park Inwood and a portions of Lawrence & N. Woodmere.

During the course of his first term, the costs of public safety have come under intense scrutiny and Legislator Solages has fought to ensure that the 3rd Legislative District remains safe in spite of any Nassau County budgetary cuts. When the County moved to cut the 5th Precinct of the Nassau County Police Department, Legislator Solages moved to mobilize the community against cuts in public safety. Along with the Democratic Caucus of the County Legislature, Legislator Solages helped to negotiate the requirement that policing levels remain the same in spite of consolidation of the police precincts. He brought “National Night Out” to Elmont, a community event based on promoting community engagement on public safety issues and hosted a number of community meetings to inform the public as to its rights under the new plan.

Legislator Solages was able to illustrate how the power of government can assist in times of crisis during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. His office was able to help restore power for hundreds of constituents through coordination of efforts with LIPA to get power back to areas that were without power for over 8 to 12 days. Legislator Solages helped seniors get access to generators, assisted constituents at local gas stations, and provided important storm related information to constituents via Facebook and his County website. After Sandy, the Legislator has assisted in various food and donation drives, and has resolved hundreds of issues relating to storm clean up, insurance and FEMA related reimbursement.

The constituents of the 3rd Legislative District rely heavily upon public transportation, and Legislator Solages has been on the forefront of advocacy for the rights of commuters to safe, affordable, and efficient public transport. Legislator Solages has remained critical of the privatization of the buses in Nassau County and has raised awareness of poor transportation service issues such as late buses, lack of proper training of drivers, and cuts to popular routes through community forums and panels, as well as through non-traditional platforms such as YouTube.

Legislator Solages has also advocated for the hard-working people of his district against possible increases in sewer systems fees inlight of the County's plan to privatize its sewer systems. Well before super storm Sandy derailed the County's plan to lease its’ sewer system, Legislator Solages informed and organized community leaders to understand thesale or lease of this important County asset and to understand its environmental and economic implications.

As aLegislator responsible for the fiscal strength of the County, Legislator Solages has been fiscally conservative in his voting to bond or finance for expenditures.Although Legislator Solages has voted for bonding on public safety and Sandy-related issues, hehas declined to fund taxrefunds without any meaningful reforms by the County administration with regard to the assessment system and mounting debt, in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Legislator Solages broke fresh ground in the area of health care by organizing the first Nassau County forum addressing the HIV/AIDS crisis. His office gathered key partners in AIDS Awareness Prevention throughout the County. This forum was created to bring light to this important issue, coordinate an action plan to raise awareness and aired the forum discussion on YouTube to disseminate the information to a wider and more youthful population.

Legislator Solages has brought access to the County government directly to his constituents through his office on Dutch Broadway in Elmont. His office has addressed hundreds of individual constituent concerns throughout his term. Legislator Solages, along with Legislator Denenberg, was able to persuade the County Executive to push back the tax grievance deadline from March 2013 to May 2013. In addition Legislator Solages has hosted a number of tax grievance workshops in order to guide the public through this difficult process. Through his community office, he has educated the public on the hot button topic of legislative redistricting, and has encouraged community leaders and members to attend and participate in hearings. He has been able to provide pro bono advice on mortgage foreclosure issues whether through one and one consulting or via accessing county information to those in need. He has continued outreach to the military veterans of the community including hosting a breakfast in their honor.

During his tenure as a freshman Legislator, Legislator Solages has kept his promise that he would bring access to government to his community. By informing his constituents of the important issues that are affecting them, having numerous community meetings on these issues and providing assistance on how to affect changes he has enabled them to become part of the system as well as believing that they can have an effect on their government.

Legislator Solages, a lifelong Elmont resident, graduated from H. Frank Carey High School in Franklin Square. He holds a Bachelor's Degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and a Juris Doctor from Boston College Law School. Legislator Solages, a former Bronx Assistant District Attorney, has practiced law throughout the New York metropolitan area as a partner in his law firm, Solages & Solages. Prior to serving within the Legislature, Legislator Solages served as a Commissioner for the Nassau County Commission on Human Rights.