Fran Avnet

Nassau County Legislature
District: 15

I decided to run for County Legislature because I felt that the values of middle-class workerwere not being recognized.  The 15thLegislative District - Levittown, Salisbury, East Meadow, and Wantagh - are middle-class neighborhoods, full of teachers, fireman, policeman, and union workers.  Reading about the incumbent it mentioned that he was a lawyer.  Far too many politicians are lawyers, I suppose there is some sense to that:  if you studied law, you might be the person to make the law.  However, they may be out of touch with the struggling middle class. Lawyers typically make good money, they may not be Trump rich, but they may be well off enough not to have to worry about grocery budgets, stretching a dollar, and clipping coupons to get by.  

I began to wonder who speaks for and represents the lawyers’ secretary, the person that delivers the lawyer’s lunch working for Uber Eats in the now gig economy, the person working several part-time jobs?  I decided it was me!  Nassau County and its residents have real issues and we need practical solutions, not fear mongering and finger pointing.

I’ve spent the past nine years, as a union rep, advocating for the workers at a local university.  From the stories I hear I know the struggles residents have, the constant worry about how they will be able to balance Nassau County’s high cost of living, the high cost of medical care, with stagnant wages. 

I’m a lifelong resident of Levittown, with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Hofstra University. 

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